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Finnish Architecture 0405
Alvar Aalto Foundation
September 19, 2006
This second overview of contemporary architecture features works selected by a jury of experts and representing the best achievements of Finnish architecture in 2004 and 2005. It includes buildings from different parts of Finland designed as dwellings, schools and cultural facilities, and for the purposes of administration, religious life, leisure and business. After its showing in Helsinki, the exhibition will tour venues in Finland and abroad. The catalogue will appear in English to make ...
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John Soane and the Wooden Bridges of Switzerland
Sir John Soane´s Museum
September 18, 2006
The wooden bridges of Wettingen, Reichenau and Sciaffusa, built by the brothers Johannes and Hans Ulrich Grubenmann, were in the second half of the 18th century much admired and studied by scholars, engineers and architects. Among these was the British John Soane (1753-1837), ...
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Villa Girasole

September 18, 2006
In the late 1920s the engineer Angelo Invernizzi had the singular idea of building, in reinforced concrete, a country house that would rotate. Designed for himself and his family, it would be set in the rolling hills of his birthplace east of Verona (Italy), in the old village of Marcellise. The house would be built in a dominant position, where the slope was steeper, with the roots of its revolving ...
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Dal mito al progetto

September 18, 2006
The broadest and most closely examined survey of the Italian sources of Russian neoclassicism, a style which from the second half of the 18th century gave form and identity to St Petersburg, raising it to the level of a modern and "enlightened" European capital. But it is a style that can also be retraced to Moscow and to the cities of southern Russia, where it it serves to bring about architectural and ...
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Catalogue WineArchitecture - The Vinery Boom
Architekturzentrum Wien Az W
October 18, 2005
Today internationally active star architects are designing and building spectacular new wineries around the world. In return, in the east and south of Austria a unique new scene has consistingly drawn attention to a symbiosis between contemporary architecture and wine making. A new architectural language has developed along with this newly defined brief, one that moves between sensitive approaches to traditional forms of building and self-confident interpretations of ...
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