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RMIT Design Archives;ID=5g45t5u7tah1

Building 15 (University Way)
Level 2
Melbourne 3001
fon: +61 | 3 | 99259946

Kaye Ashton


Number of staff: 2

The RMIT Design Archives actively collects material relating to Melbourne design from the twentieth century onwards, including fashion and textile design, architecture, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, graphic design, gold and silver smithing and sound. The RMIT Design Archives brings together archives from design practices in order to tell the story of Melbourne as a design city. These archives are both digital and material, representing historical and contemporary practices. The RMIT Design Archives supports the work of scholars, providing resources for research into Melbourne‚ designed environment, design professions and design practices.

Collection Policy
The RDA collects in design fields represented in the teaching and research programs at RMIT University and broader community including: Textile design; Fashion design (including jewellery); Interior design; Industrial design; Graphic design (Communication design); Architecture; Landscape Architecture; Sound Design and Design Education at RMIT. The RDA will collect those artefacts that can reveal and contextualise the design process itself. Artefacts may include but are not limited to: toiles, patterns, plans, drawings, photographs, digital visualisations, as well as ephemera and other records of the life of a practice, for example, correspondence, notes, labels, swatches, photos, promotional materials, sketchbooks, scrapbooks and archives. All artefact/s, however obtained, must be assessed and recommended to the Director for approval by the Collection Development Committee.

Opening Hours
By appointment only

Gloweave. ISBN 0 86459 088.
Moylan Woollens Company. ISBN 0 86444 696 9.
Prue Acton - Racing Ahead, exhibition catalogue. Melbourne Cup Outfits 1979 ÀÜ 1991. ISBN 0 86444 607 1.
Studio-Weaving in Australia eclarté. ISBN 0 86459 053 9.
Prestige Fabrics Design Studio 1945 - 1955.

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