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a letter from the president
by Michael Snodin (2005)
This is the first issue of icamprint, a new venture for icam. For nearly two decades, icam’s presence has been made known in two main ways: icamNews and the biennial conferences. Under successive secretaries general, and more recently under the editorship of Charles Hind, icamNews has acted as a source of information and information exchange for members about events and exhibitions, people and collections. But times and demands change and over the last few years the icam board has worked to find ways of responding more positively to members’ shifting needs, as well as to the opportunities offered by new technology. The result has been a new set of members’ benefits of which this publication is but one. Most of the tasks formerly carried out by icamNews will be taken over by a redesigned and more lively and useful icam website, to be launched in the Autumn of 2005.

The layout is to be clearer with more information and a diary for events. At the same time, icam will continue its biennial conferences and regional meetings. Many icam members will know the benefit of conferences. icam13, organised by Neohellenic Architecture Archives of the Benaki Museum from 4–8 June 2006, will continue the tradition, with sessions on continuing concerns balanced by new topics broadening the field. Regional group meetings are also an important way in which members can meet and benefit from each others’ experience. This became very clear at an icamUKI (icam UK and Ireland group) two-day meeting I recently went to in Scotland, attended by members from London, Swindon, Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh. It was immediately apparent that this was a new kind of meeting for icamUKI. More focussed than a conference and with very short presentations, the aim was to produce concrete results, in this case to work on setting up a web information portal for UK architectural institutions, and the formation of an educators’ network. The event was supported by icam out of its 4000 Euro biennial grant. The newly launched regional group icamMediterranean has its first meeting scheduled for October, also with an icam grant.

Organising such meetings does of course take time andeffort, but I can only say that they deliver huge benefits. It is also worth noting that non-icam institutions can attend such events. And now icam has added icamprint to its roster of benefits. The idea is to produce a substantial yearbook (albeit every two years) that will be a permanent record of icam and its activities. Each issue will be themed, as well as carrying regular contributions. The issues will be deliberately timed to reflect the concerns and outcomes of the last conference. Thus we hope to produce a perfect circle of benefits for members. Enjoy!