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contents icamprint 03 | a letter from the president | editorial |
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contents icamprint 03
2009 / special issue icam30 years

letter from the president

juhani pallasmaa icam 30 years, the founding of a confederation
angela giral international confederation of architectural museums, a history
elisabeth seip, dietmar steiner icam conferences, a retrospective view
jöran lindvall 13 years with the icam board
icam from1979 to 2010

gerald beasley interview with phyllis lambert
jolanta gromadzka interview with olgierd czerner
monika platzer interview with mariet willinge

issues and debates

dietmar steiner icam, 30 years lecture: architecture museums today
jean-louis cohen exhibitionism and its limits
andreas tönnesmann, bruno maurer collecting architecture today and tomorrow
manuel blanco vanishing paper, vanishing records
claes caldenby, johan linton the presence of the past: tendencies in architectural history
ulrike jehle-schulte strathaus art and architecture, artist and architects

about icam
michael snodin icam 30 years: helsinki revisited
jane thomas icam14
jane thomas secretary general’s report
corinne bélier icam15