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1. How do I join icam?
Please send your request to Sofie De Caigny, and we will get back to you.

2. Why is icam concerned about the preservation of architecture?
icam wants to raise the public awareness and importance of architecture and to preserve it as a resource for historical, social, cultural and technical research.

3. Do you have to have a collection to join icam?
No, the title 'confederation' recognizes the wide range of institutions which fulfill the icam statutes, including museums, centers, archives, collections and libraries and in certain cases individual members which have strong affiliation with the field.

4. What advantages are there by belonging to icam?
Members share expertise and information about institutions, exhibitions, publications, architectural documents, architectural and museum issues and other matters of common interest. Links are made at an international, national and local level.

5. How many international members does icam have?
icam has at present 141 international members.

6. What are the activities of icam?
icam conferences are usually every two years.
icamprint is published on biennial terms.

Are there any regional organizations?
icam regional groups provide a forum for exchange of information and co-operation among Icam members in the region for which they are established. They meet on an infrequently basis.

Are there any affiliations with other institutions?
icam is affiliated with ICOM (International Council of Museums),
These institutions have goals in common with icam:
DOCOMOMO - Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement,
ICA (International Council on Archives) and in particular with their Section on Architectural Records,