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icam is a forum for professionals active in the fields of preserving and exhibiting architectural records. Members share expertise and information about institutions, exhibitions, publications, architectural documents, architectural and museum issues and other matters of common interest. Links are made at an international, national and local level.

Conferences and meetings
Members meet through regular international conferences, usually every two years. They usually last five days and conclude with a post-conference tour. The proceedings are published. Working icam groupings exist in several countries and regions, including the UK and Irland, North America, Eastern Europe, Germany and the Nordic countries and the Mediterranean. They meet more frequently, including at specially convened regional conferences.

print is published every two years. The themes are generated during the icam conferences and imerse in major topics eg. digitizing, education or exhibiting architecture. It contains interviews with key figures of the architecture scene, introduces member institutions and serves as information platform for members.